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Most people live a complacent life. They convince themselves that they enjoy their job and that their job gives them the freedom to sometimes take a vacation and have some fun weekends.

Some people find and hold onto their passions/ hobbies and do them on the side... when they have time away from their job. They enjoy the freedom and feeling of doing what they love and convince themselves to be thankful that their job gives them the time to do those passions/ hobbies sometimes.

A few people don't accept being complacent and try to find that work/ life balance that they dream of and try to make their passions their career. Many though get lost along the way, don't find their true passion, feel defeated and return to self imposed complacency.

Only a small percent of people don't accept being complacent and don't give up. These are the people that live the lives you day dream about. They make a living doing what they love and spend their time how they want to spend it. 

It's easy for people to just say, "don't give up", "you can do it", "insert cliche statement here".

Though people mean well, those statements are just temporary boosts of encouragement at best. It takes more than that to achieve your full potential.

- You have to believe in yourself completely 
- Map out each step and recognize what obstacles are in the way 
- Know what it is that you truly want.
The big picture is a start but it is too vague
- Hold yourself accountable and allow yourself to be proud of small steps and accomplishments
- Be willing to ask for and accept help

Most importantly, you need to find these answers for yourself and know how find them within yourself. 

Nobody can give you the answers for how to live YOUR ideal life.


So Where Do You Start?

You need to decide that RIGHT NOW is when you seek out your answers and start stepping towards that life, even if you don't know what that life is yet.

Whether you feel that there is something more for you or not...


Don't let yourself have the smoker mentality of, "after this pack I'll do it". 

That always leads to another pack.

It is either now, or you may keep telling yourself that it will be tomorrow.

Who Am I and Why Am I Telling You All This?

My name is Brett Larsen;
I'm a Father, a Husband, a Musician, Meditation Teacher and a Life Coach.

I'm someone who daydreams and makes those dreams real.

I spent a decade trying to "make it as a musician". I fell on my face a hundred times, wasted thousands of dollars, but I have worked with some of my favorite rock-stars, people in nearly every country are listening to my music, I have gotten to travel to meet heroes and more.

I "made it", but realized that what I thought was my big dream was actually just one road to get there. 

I realized that for me, the real dream was always to just be on my own schedule, not the schedule of some job or boss. I wanted my income to be directly dependent on how hard/ smart I work, not just get a small slice of the pie for my own efforts. 

Coaching was the path for me and now I get to spend my time helping others find their path, navigate it and conquer it. Which is why my wife and I started, "Inquire Within Collective".

What Can A Coach Do For You?

A coaching session can help in many ways and no session will be the same. 
A coach helps you discover within yourself what obstacles are in your way.
These obstacles could be the things holding you back from finding your purpose, achieving your dreams, being mentally, physically or spiritually healthy and much more.

A coach is your accountability partner that doesn't just tell you the things you want to hear. 
A coach is someone who will listen to you and help you without judgement.
A coach helps you navigate through yourself and the world with confidence.

There are countless reasons why some of the most successful people in the world hire a Life Coach. Oprah, Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman and countless others use or have used Life Coaches to get the life they want to live.

A Coach helps YOU get that promotion, fix your relationships, start your new career and be the YOU that YOU are meant to be.


And together we will;
Identify/ Prioritize your goals
Find each step that needs to be taken
Find and overcome any obstacles in the way
Get you to a life of waking up happy and fulfilled every day.

Amazing realizations can happen in even just a 30 minute session, though many stay with their coach for 8 or more sessions. 

For those who are ready to take steps towards their ideal future, I have sessions discounted as low as $40.

If you are ready to conquer your own world, I have bigger discounts for my 1 hour session and much bigger discounts for multiple sessions.

Investing in yourself is the greatest short and long term investment you can make!

Healing Yourself is the greatest way to Heal the world!

Through my band, "Inquire Within" I am partnered with the Reforestation Organization, "Trees For The Future". With the help of my album sales/ streams, over 11,000 Trees have been planted. 

My wife and I decided that through our Coaching and other services we will have a portion of each sessions money go towards those trees.

Just a 30 minute session will help plant 35 Trees, and bundled Coaching sessions plant up to 400 Trees!

Brett Larsen is certified by the "Complementary Medical Association" in Life Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching and Meditation Teaching.

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